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Cheerleading University Basics - Beginning Stunting Cheerleading University Basics - History & Terminology Cheerleading University Basics - What Every Coach Must Know
This Cheer U DVD introduces the fundamentals of stunting, focusing on safety and form.
This Cheer U DVD introduces the basics of cheerleading including background information and terminology necessary to pursue education in cheerleading. This is a must for all new coaches.
Are you a new cheer coach? This is a DVD you must have! This Cheer U DVD show you how to organize your time and deal with your athletes and fellow coaches to maximize the results of your team.
Cheerleading University Basics - DVD Set

This DVD package is great for the new coach and the seasoned veteran coach. This package includes the following DVD's:

COA101 - What Every Coach Must Know
CHE101 - History & Terminology of Cheer
CHE113 - Beginning Stunting